Genedata Profiler

Multi-omic Patient Profiling

Genedata Profiler® enables global research organizations to achieve their vision of precision medicine by leveraging the full power of multi-omic data. Genedata Profiler is a comprehensive, enterprise software solution for the processing, management and analysis of massive amounts of data from next-generation sequencing, microarray, real time-PCR, digital pathology and other genomic technologies. The innovative software platform combines high-performance omic data processing pipelines, sophisticated data analyses and unparalleled data visualizations with an advanced distributed data management infrastructure.

Genedata Profiler is fast becoming the software of choice for efficient and effective omics-based translational and clinical research, empowering researchers to generate valuable scientific insights, at scale, while enabling compliance with increasingly complex data privacy laws and regulatory requirements.

Organize and manage data
Leverage the full power of rich omic, phenotypic, digital pathology and patient data using a powerful data management infrastructure that integrates, federates, and curates data from internal, external, and public data sources.

Automate data processing
Rapidly build scalable raw data processing pipelines supporting all major HPC clusters and integrate proprietary and public domain tools. Inspect the data at any step with a powerful genome browser.

Gain scientific insights
Make discoveries with peer-reviewed methods and algorithms, interactive data analysis tools, and intuitive visualizations. Make use of a rich statistical toolbox and "out of the box" integration with public data repositories.

Collaborate securely
Securely share data, methods and results across global research organizations and external collaborators using a rich set of enterprise-wide data and user management functionalities.

Harmonize data analysis
Standardize data processing and analysis pipelines using a comprehensive method lifecycle management and quality reporting system, including approval, versioning and access controls.

Ensure regulatory compliance
Facilitate compliance with data privacy and regulatory requirements through comprehensive chain of custody, data provenance, and audit trail capabilities ensuring complete traceability of data and results.