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Our Culture

We’re on a mission to accelerate the pace of biopharma R&D. Our culture is rooted in scientific curiosity, start-up mentality, and respect. Our flexible environment allows us to adapt to ever-changing scientific innovation and inspires us to find solutions that enable faster discovery of new therapies for people worldwide.

Our People

At Genedata you are more than just a job title - you will find a place to belong and grow. You join a supportive environment where you are mentored and nurtured by a team of highly diverse individuals who are passionate about shaping the frontier of science and technology with cutting-edge software.

Our Benefits

We’re committed to the well-being of our employees inside and outside of the workplace. Our philosophy is that taking care of our people and their families is good for all of us. We know that everyone is different and has unique needs. That’s why we flexibly adjust working conditions to meet individual and often changing requirements.

Our Culture

Scientific Curiosity.

We got out of the wet lab but continue to work with top-notch scientists who are passionate about developing life-changing therapies.

Heads in the Air. Feet on the Ground.

We deal with incredibly complex problems every day, but we manage to keep things simple. Not taking yourself too seriously helps.

Respect & Integrity.

We appreciate and respect each other and believe in candid feedback. Our diversity helps us create novel solutions. Together we’re better. 

Our People

Our Benefits


We believe that taking care of our people drives our collective success. We appreciate that everyone is different, so we tailor our packages to meet your individual needs.


Your work-life balance matters. We offer flexible hours, time off if you really need it, above average vacation policies, and part-time working models.


Collaboration is at the core of our DNA. We believe everyone has something unique to contribute and we respect and appreciate these differences, which help us improve.


We work on cutting-edge projects that push science forward and foster breakthroughs. We are inspired to be working on the frontier of science and technology and thrilled to be making a difference.


Not only is every employee eligible for shares in our equity plan, we empower our people to take charge of their projects. Your contribution equals our success and we mean it.


With more than 20 years of dynamic growth and still going strong, there is still plenty of opportunity for you. New projects, new responsibilities, new challenges – dive right in. Be a part of our future.

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