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Meet Harri, Product Manager, Genedata Profiler

Why Did You Join Genedata?

The reason I joined Genedata comes from the experiences of my previous career - first as a PhD student in academia and then as a post-doc in big pharma where I really got an understanding, or a revelation, that future success in the research and development of pharmaceuticals really depends on the data and how we can extract information from this data. This is something that I wanted to grow and learn more and more about, and also to contribute to. And so that meant Genedata would be a great opportunity for that.

Why is Genedata a Special Place to Work?

What makes Genedata a special place of work is I think the diversity, by which I mean, the diversity of the background and education that people here have. We have biologists and scientists, we have physicists, and software developers. So this group of people, when we come together to address our customers' various challenges, we can really say that we use different approaches to the same problem, and come up with the best innovative solutions to address these.

What is the Key to Success for Projects With Biopharma & Biotech Customers?

I really enjoy the multifaceted role of Scientific Account Managers at Genedata. We get exposed to the exciting research of our customers, manage the creative process of defining innovative software solutions for them, provide help rapidly, and build long-term relationships with our customers. This is very fulfilling as it offers a lot of room for both personal and professional growth.

What Makes It Interesting To Work at Genedata?

What makes it interesting to work at Genedata is, the variety of projects or challenges that we are working with. So we have a lot of different types of customers, different challenges, and the way we come together as a team at Genedata, to address those challenges and find solutions, which vary  - the challenges -  especially every day, really makes it exciting and interesting to come to work every day.

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