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Meet Tom, Software Developer

Can You Describe What It Is Like Working in the Developers Team?

So basically the team spirit is really great. We have flat hierarchies, everybody is connected, and is supposed to know everybody else! So this makes for a spread of ideas, and for quickly getting feedback on your ideas, and that's great because there's so many talented people working around here - it's really a great working place. The culture at Genedata is very team-focused, having the spirit high and nobody feels disconnected. Everybody is part of the family here.

How Does Genedata Support Your Development?

I'm leading the development team in the Biologics business unit. And what I enjoy most is that I can work with these talented people, with all the developers and they come to me and I can guide them and I can take their ideas and listen to them, give feedback. This is really great. Since joining Genedata, I have really learned a lot. I mean, you can say this from joining any company, but here I really did -  I came directly from university - and that's why I had to learn a lot. But Genedata made it really easy to learn and they supported me quite well.

How Would You Describe the Working Environment for Developers at Genedata?

As a developer, the work environment at Genedata is really great. I mean, the bane of the developers are moving targets when you do not have a clear enough specification, or when you do not have a clear enough idea. And this is really taken care of. We have focused work groups, where we really focus on one project at a time, without too many moving targets. So really, a good work environment.

What Makes Your Work Exciting?

My job at Genedata is interesting because there is no same routine with our daily work. Actually, we have so many customers, and with different needs which have to be addressed. We have so many shifts in technology, and they also need to be addressed. This is the challenge, but also makes the work very interesting.

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