Genedata Screener

Consulting and Support

With 15 years of experience in industrial screening data analysis and global enterprise deployments of Genedata Screener®, Genedata is an ideal collaboration partner for companies wanting to advance their screening operations. In addition to the steadily evolving Screener platform, Genedata offers extensive opportunities for custom or co-development of specific new functionalities, procedures, or methodologies to support your current and future needs in screening.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team has extensive domain knowledge in screening, and has helped previous customers with:

Global Roll-Outs and Screening Projects
To make sure that your Screener installation gets quickly up and running, we offer project management, integration services and training. Having handled installation and start up at more than half of the top-25 pharmas as well as at many smaller players, we know how to implement Screener in different types of IT environments and screening organizations. We will also train your admins and users so that each part of the organization will get the most out of Screener - we know from experience that often a single admin is enough to manage the entire Screener operation, even for global organizations, and that users quickly get up to speed using Screener for their particular technologies and applications.

Support and Services
Once your installation is in operation, our support and services team can help you optimize workflows or even take care of your data analysis. When you start using new technologies or applications, the team can also help you smoothly integrate these into your existing Screener workflow. And if you are not sure what solution to choose for your screening operation, we offer consulting services where we take a deep look at your screening needs and make sure that whatever solution you choose is aligned with screening best-practice as well as the best option for your particular workflow.

We are always on the look-out for areas where Screener can grow together with your research. The best way for us to grow our product is to find actual customer needs and fulfill them. Examples of previous Genedata Screener co-development projects are the thermal shift assay analysis project with Bayer Pharma, and the compound combination experiment analysis and the surface plasmon resonance analysis projects with AstraZeneca. These companies now have solutions that significantly improve their workflow, and we are able to offer these same benefits to our other customers.

Genedata Screener servers are often run on each customer's own data centers or clouds, but we also offer hosting options. These range all the way from locally placed hardware to solutions completely in the cloud - simply discuss with us to find the best match for your corporate needs. As long as the hardware requirements are fulfilled, Screener runs equally well on any platform.

If you are interested in any of our services, please get in touch with us.