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Our Customers

Learn how Genedata Bioprocess® helps leading biopharmas and CMOs to integrate and harmonize processes, and provides technology transfer, customizations, training, and deployment support.

Sartorius Stedim Increases Productivity 3X

Learn why Sartorius Stedim, a global leader in bioprocess development, implemented Genedata Bioprocess to fully digitalize their laboratory workflows. As Sartorius moved from spreadsheets to automated data handling, they were able to streamline and automate their bioprocess development operations thanks to Genedata’s built-in capabilities. This resulted in a threefold increase in overall productivity.

Biopharma Partner Symposium

Meet the Genedata Community

Genedata Biopharma Partner Symposium
March 23–24, 2022 | Basel, Switzerland

The Genedata Biologics Partner Symposium is a unique interdisciplinary event at the interface between biopharma R&D and IT is your chance to learn how other companies have set up and are using Genedata platforms. Presentations and discussions will focus on innovative applications and new industry requirements, such as novel molecular formats (e.g., multispecifics, TCRs, and AAVs) and increasing automation and standardization in biopharmaceutical R&D. Leading biopharma companies will show how groups have set up, operate, and use Genedata platforms to transform their biotherapeutics research & development and how this results in increased efficiency and throughput.

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Selected Customer Presentations

Selected Customer Presentations

Genedata's customers at leading biopharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide regularly present how Genedata Bioprocess is used to advance their R&D activities. Learn how Pfizer, Bayer, Sanofi, Celgene and others are streamlining processes and increasing the efficiency of their biotherapeutic development operations with the Genedata platform.

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Our Customers Are Talking

Development of High-Performance Cell Culture Media

“With Genedata Bioprocess we were able to streamline and speed up our media development processes for both standard and customized cell culture media.”

Connecting Data Generation, Processing, and Sharing across R&D sites

"As part of our growth strategy in innovative biopharmaceuticals, we needed a central platform to capture and process data across our global R&D teams, while ensuring full data integrity and traceability, and Genedata was the only solution that ticked all the boxes right from the start."


Central Data Backbone Across Development

“As a fully integrated end-to-end platform, Genedata Bioprocess integrates data capture, analysis, and reporting across all of our bioprocess development operations and serves as our central data backbone to ensure data integrity and compliance.”


Direct Lab Integration with Genedata Bioprocess

“Our decision to adopt the Genedata Bioprocess platform is based on its ability to directly integrate with our laboratory equipment and automate all data transfer, capture, processing, and data analysis and interpretation."

Streamlining Innovative Protein-Based Food Protection R&D

"Searching for a new R&D digital platform, we shortlisted several vendors but only Genedata’s platform included out-of-the-box business logic for protein screening, engineering, and production and this is what won it for us."

Accelerating AAV-Based Gene Therapy Development

“Leveraging Genedata’s capabilities will enable us to continue scaling Encoded’s process development capabilities to drive growth and value in gene therapy."


Increasing Automation and Operational Efficiency

“We aimed to extend automation and further enhance the efficiency of our cell line, upstream and bioanalytical development operations, and quickly realized that Genedata Bioprocess addresses many of our requirements off-the-shelf, eliminating the need for expensive customization."


Pfizer Builds on Genedata E2E Platform

"After conducting a pilot project to determine if Genedata Bioprocess had the potential to meet our requirements, we decided to move forward with its implementation.”

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