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Customer Stories | Genedata Biologics

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Our Customers

From large enterprise-wide deployments to single group installations, discover how Genedata Biologics® is used by leading global biopharma, biotechs and CROs to increase efficiency and drive innovation. 

MorphoSys Digitalizes
Large-Molecule R&D

Ten years ago, when MorphoSys was looking for a data management solution for their biologics R&D, they quickly realized that the small-molecule-based options available could not handle large-molecule discovery tasks. Then they met Genedata, whose enterprise platform is uniquely built for biotherapeutics. Genedata understood that biologics workflows, as well as protein sequence information, are completely different than the structural information for small molecules, and a lasting partnership was born.

Janssen, Celgene, and Aptevo Make Better Decisions

Genedata Biologics accelerates biotherapeutics R&D processes and provides a structured database with immediate and central access to all information along the discovery workflow. Janssen, Celgene, and Aptevo discuss how they use the platform to mine data, look at trends, and implement machine learning strategies to gain critical business intelligence so they can make better decisions.

Six Reasons Why Crescendo Biologics Uses Genedata

Crescendo Biologics is developing a novel class of small, robust protein therapeutics in the immuno-oncology and next-generation ADC space. Due to the complexity and scale of their product design activities and the vast amounts of data generated during candidate testing, they needed a scalable system to work as a backbone for all their R&D activities. Genedata Biologics supports their entire discovery process, spanning  immunization of transgenic mice, lead selection, molecular modification, and final candidate assessments. The platform, referred to as their single source of truth, is crucial for their operations.

Biopharma Partner Symposium

Meet the Genedata Community

Genedata Biopharma Partner Symposium
March 6–7, 2024 | Basel, Switzerland

At the Genedata Biopharma Partner Symposium, leading biopharma, biotech, and CRO/CDMO companies show how groups have set up, operate, and use Genedata solutions to transform their biotherapeutics activities and how this results in increased efficiency and throughput. Presentations and discussions focus on innovative applications and new industry scientific and IT requirements including novel molecular formats (e.g., multispecifics, TCRs, CARs, AAVs, RNA vaccines), advanced screening technologies, MS-based multi-attribute methods (MAM), NGS, molecular patient profiling, and automation and data FAIRification in biopharmaceutical R&D.

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Case Studies

Pfizer Builds on the Genedata Biopharma E2E Workflow Platform

After conducting a thorough market evaluation to identify an off-the-shelf enterprise system for large-molecule discovery, Pfizer implemented Genedata Biologics as their central repository for their biologics discovery data, including screening, molecular biology, engineering, expression, purification, and analytics.

MorphoSys Accelerates Antibody R&D with Genedata Biologics

After a formal selection process, MorphoSys adopted Genedata Biologics as their enterprise workflow platform because Genedata Biologics is the only off-the-shelf platform uniquely built for biopharmaceutical R&D.

Immatics Digitalizes CGT Discovery with Genedata Biologics

Leveraging Genedata’s out-of-the-box functionality, Immatics is streamlining CGT processes and increasing R&D efficiency. Genedata's scientific consultants also helped to configure Immatics-specific CGT workflows and integrate laboratory instruments so rollout of the platform was straightforward – and fast.

Selected Customer Presentations | Genedata Biologics

Selected Customer Presentations

Genedata's customers at leading biopharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide regularly present how Genedata Biologics is used to advance their R&D activities. Learn how Pfizer, Bayer, UCB, Takeda, AbbVie, GSK, Kymab, Sanofi and others are streamlining processes and increasing the efficiency of their biotherapeutic discovery operations with the Genedata platform.

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Our Customers Are Talking


CRDMO Digitalizes Antibody Discovery

"Since many of the biopharma and biotechs we work with as a CRDMO also use Genedata, it makes it even easier to exchange data with our customers. We are also very pleased with Genedata’s support and global presence, which gives us local access to support our operations both in Europe and the U.S.”


Driving AI-Based Biopharma R&D

"We chose Genedata Biologics to support our quickly growing biopharmaceutical R&D operations and enable scientific innovation, including R&D of novel modalities such as bi- and multi-specifics and other next-gen therapeutics."

Light Chain

Structured R&D Data in SaaS Solution

"We can’t risk storing our business-critical data in systems that may result in unstructured or corrupted data when projects or people change. Genedata Biologics will act as our organizational memory to structure and protect our assets and ensure that data can always be accessed and found."

Charles River

CRO Digitalizes Antibody Discovery Programs

“Genedata Biologics allows us to digitalize our work, increasing quality and efficiency of our antibody discovery and protein production by integrating processes and connecting our global operations. Our partners and clients who also use the platform will see the benefit of easier information sharing.” 


Driving Innovation in Cell Therapy R&D

“Genedata’s platform was the clear choice to support and integrate our full cell therapy discovery and development efforts. This will further augment the ability for our cell and gene therapy scientists to capture, process, and interpret R&D data.”


Supporting Interconnected mAb Workflows

“Genedata Biologics was recommended repeatedly as the industry standard for biopharmaceutical R&D and is the only such software developed specifically for antibodies."


Central Registration & Data Management Platform

"Genedata seamlessly integrates into an existing research informatics environment and supports the full process through automation, standardization, and integration."


Flexible Architecture for Proprietary Configuration

“One of the reasons we chose Genedata Biologics was the platform’s process coverage. We required that the full diversity of Pfizer’s large-molecule processes and technologies be supported by one integrated system.”


Genedata Enables Data-Informed Decisions

“We are excited to implement the Genedata Biopharma Platform as a central integrated data backbone to streamline the capture, integration, democratization, and analysis of increasingly complex and diverse data types across Genmab’s discovery and clinical workflows."


Genedata Supports Development of Novel Multi-Specific Therapies

“We selected Genedata Biologics because of its unique workflow and registration engine that supports processes from candidate selection all the way through IND filings and commercialization.”


Esablished, Off-the-Shelf Product Deployed Quickly

“We appreciate Genedata Biologics’ flexible business model, which made it possible for a company of our size to adopt a market-leading platform solution.”

Boehringer Ingelheim

Genedata Accelerates Antibody Discovery at BI

"We undertook a thorough selection process to find the best antibody workflow platform and Genedata Biologics was the obvious choice."


Genedata Provides Backbone System

“Genedata Biologics was the clear choice as a backbone system to support the full diversity of our complex and rapidly evolving antibody discovery processes in the US and the UK.”


TCR Information Centrally Stored in Genedata

“Genedata Biologics gives all our R&D groups a central place to record and access TCR-related information in real time, along the end-to-end workflow."


Flexible Business Model Works for SMEs

"Thanks to Genedata’s flexible business model, we are able to take advantage of Genedata’s unique technology under terms that work well for a company of our size."

Orion Pharma

Orion Chooses Open & Scalable System

"Collaborating with CROs is a key part of our strategy, so we require an open and scalable system able to capture and integrate all data generated by our CRO network."


Mission-Critical Data Centrally Stored in Genedata

“We are rapidly expanding our biotherapeutic R&D activities and needed a scalable, flexible platform that we could quickly and easily implement. We chose Genedata Biologics as it is the only out-of-the-box platform on the market dedicated to large-molecule R&D.”

Crescendo Biologics

ADC Discovery Using Scalable Backbone System

“Thanks to its flexible architecture, Genedata Biologics can truly support our entire discovery process – right through from the immunization of transgenic mice, to lead selection, molecular modification and final candidate assessments. Genedata Biologics is a key component of our growth plans in the immuno-oncology and next-generation ADC space.”


First Commerical Data Management Solution

“Our collaboration with Genedata to develop a biologics data platform has been very successful. A commercial data management solution such as this has been sorely lacking in protein therapeutics."


Streamlining Operations & Increasing Throughput

“We made a decision early on to use Genedata Biologics as MorphoSys’ workflow backbone to accelerate our drug discovery efforts and have watched as Genedata Biologics has become the global industry standard for biopharma discovery organizations."


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