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What’s New in Genedata Screener 20

We are excited to release the 20th version of Genedata Screener, the world’s leading and most comprehensive solution for assay analysis in Biopharma R&D. Regardless of therapeutic modality, Screener automates and harmonizes the analysis of even the most complex assays, standardizes and structures results with rich metadata. A single platform to facilitate data capture across labs, ensure high quality of assay data and results, enterprise-wide real-time access and optimized decision making.

Version 20 brings with it ground-breaking innovations that advance automation, collaboration, assay registration, data capture, mass spectrometry screening, and more. You won’t want to miss this opportunity for a first-hand look at new Screener capabilities that include:

  • Auto Load Extension brings turnkey automation capabilities not only for highly integrated robotic systems, but also for standard assay laboratories, preparing results automatically for the assay scientists.
  • Result Uploader establishes effective workflows for result sharing between CROs and biopharma companies and the capture of bioassay results outside of screening through the Screener platform.
  • Assay Catalog further simplifies FAIRification of data through the integration of vocabulary from ontologies or ontology management systems.
  • Mass Spectrometry Screening Extension provides end-to-end data workflows for automated, efficient, and comprehensive analysis of MS-based screening.
  • New Visualizations support assay development workflows and functional screening.

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