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NGS for Adventitious Agent Detection: Analysis Options and Consequences

In this demonstration, Devon Ryan, Ph.D., presents the understanding of the analysis requirements of successful adventitious agent detection. Starting with the structure of a basic pipeline, Devon shares other approaches to improve the sensitivity and specificity of an NGS-based biosafety assay. He also discusses the impact of the selected reference viral database (RefSeq or C-RVDB) on the results obtained. Further studies performed by the scientific consultant team of Genedata identifies the likely sources of false positives demonstrating the need to sequence the host cell line genome. Devon explains how Genedata Selector simplifies the data processing and analysis of NGS-based biosafety assay data while allowing rapid data query for efficient decision-making. The automation and easy reporting capabilities of the software also enable companies to obtain the documentation they need for regulatory compliance.

This talk was given as part of our regular Open Forums on biosafety and cell line development. 

Who should watch?

Biopharma and biotech professionals looking to advance analytical development, biosafety, and QC by embracing digitalization and innovative enterprise data analysis systems.

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