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Genedata strives to facilitate knowledge sharing and engaging discussions on best practices in the field of NGS-Based Biosafety Testing and Cell Line Development. 
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Genedata Selector has already co-hosted six successful open forums with leading biopharma companies. All events featured talks by experts on the key challenges and opportunities in the field.

With Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), we hosted four events focused on NGS-based adventitious virus detection, its impact in accelerating timelines, the benefits of its implementation during biopharma R&D, and regulatory practices.

Here you can read about our previous NGS-based biosafety testing open forums: 

Together with Boehringer Ingelheim, we also hosted two events focused on NGS-Based Cell Line Development (CLD). These events provided a platform for experts to share their experiences in cell line characterization, multi-omics data integration and analysis. Other important themes discussed included the applications of NGS to accelerate CLD and identify transgene integration sites

Here you can read about our previous CLD open forums: 

To date, these events have been an opportunity to learn and exchange perspectives. To continue this exchange of ideas, we host these events regularly touching on important subjects in the NGS-based biosafety testing and Cell Line Development domain.

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