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A Newly Identified Small RNA Regulates NGNA Sialylation in CHO Cells

Simon Fischer, Senior Principal Scientist and Head of Cell Biology at Boehringer Ingelheim

In this presentation, Simon explains how Boehringer Ingelheim delved deep using NGS to identify the root cause of an unusual recombinant protein product characteristic. This work was undertaken in collaboration with Genedata Selector®.

Simon’s team explored the various applications of NGS for understanding cell phenotypes and their impact on the production of biologics. He explained how his team interrogated the differences of cell line phenotypes by exploring changes in the genomic and transcriptomic levels using various sequencing methods. This provided insight into the underlying cause which was functionally validated using CRISPR-mediated knockout experiments and Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS).

This talk was given as part of our regular Open Forums focused on biosafety and cell line development and is based on this publication.

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Biopharma and biotech professionals looking to advance rational cell line development by embracing digitalization and innovative enterprise data analysis systems.

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