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Employing NGS and Nanopore Sequencing Technologies to Analyze AAV Vector Genome Size and DNA Impurities

In this webinar, Krishnamurthy Shankarling, Senior Principal Scientist, BMS, focuses on the central application of the Genedata Selector Playbooks in the omics data management and analysis workflows at BMS, covering different types of NGS data such as genomics and transcriptomics. Krishnamurthy then discusses the parameters needed to characterize adeno-associated viruses (AAV) for gene therapy. Both short-read (Illumina) and long-read (Oxford Nanopore) sequencing technologies have been used in the comprehensive development of AAV analysis at BMS. Krishnamurthy concludes his talk by highlighting the importance of the Genedata Selector Playbooks in streamlining the future characterization of AAV-based gene therapies.

This talk was given as part of our regular Open Forum events on NGS-based QC for advancing drug development and manufacturing. 

Who should watch? 

Biopharma and biotech professionals looking to advance analytical development, biosafety, and QC testing for CGT products by embracing digitalization and innovative enterprise data analysis systems. 

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