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Automation of Adventitious Agent Detection and Critical Quality Attribute Assessment - Genedata Selector Demo

In this talk, Devon Ryan (Ph.D.), Head of Scientific Consulting at Genedata, focuses on the automation of Adventitious Agent Detection and Critical Quality Attribute (CQA) Assessment. He presents a use case for AAV production and long-read assays using the platform-agnostic solution, Genedata Selector®. He demonstrates how to generate results using the platform for quality control checks such as plasmid contamination and AAV fusion detection. During his talk, Devon uses the Playbooks to generate go/no-go signals and the Genome viewer to look deeper into the genome to explore the source of contamination and the reason for fusions detected.

This talk was given as part of our regular Open Forums on biosafety and cell line development.

Who should watch?

Biopharma and biotech professionals looking to advance analytical development, biosafety, and QC by embracing digitalization and innovative enterprise data analysis systems.

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