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Analyzing Phenotypic Screening Data With Genedata Screener

Image-based phenotypic screening is a mainstay of many drug discovery programs. While powerful, these data-rich assays present significant challenges for efficient storage, transfer, analysis and reporting of the large amount of information they produce. The High Content Extension (HCE) for Genedata Screener® streamlines these workflows by providing single-point access to images, cell features, and final results for all plates across a screen, and directly integrates with enterprise systems allowing these results to be readily shared, accelerating the discovery process. 

In this webinar we show you how to:

  • Review and compare original images in Genedata Screener
  • Automate quality control steps
  • Visually summarize and explore your high content data with Principal Component Analysis (PCA) 
  • Perform dimensionality reduction and apply machine-learning with Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) to determine a combined feature activity
  • Rapidly assess and flag toxic compounds
  • Determine the AC50 to identify lead compounds

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