Management Team

Dr. Othmar Pfannes

As founder and CEO of Genedata since its inception in 1997, Othmar has brought  together many of the most innovative scientists and software engineers who develop sophisticated computational solutions for R&D processes in the life sciences.

Othmar spearheads Genedata’s successful organic growth. This growth is based on a business model committed to delivering innovative solutions, which are built on a deep understanding of underlying business and research processes and developed within a collaborative environment.

Having contributed to many successful industrial research initiatives, Othmar has also served on several Board of Directors and government expert councils, including the European Union.

Othmar earned his PhD in Statistics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Dr. Hans Peter Fischer
Head of Genedata BiologicsTM Business Unit

Hans Peter, who has been with Genedata since its founding in 1997, established the Genedata Phylosopher and the Genedata Biologics business units, and directs their successful growth.

Advancing Genedata’s leadership in science, Hans Peter has pioneered Genedata’s development of in silico methods for genome, pathway, and promoter analysis. More recently, Hans Peter leads the Genedata Biologics group, addressing innovative antibody screening, protein engineering, and biologics production processes. 

A recognized expert in computational biology, Hans Peter has been honored with industry awards and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and seminars. Additionally, he is involved in several government expert councils.

Hans Peter earned his PhD in Physics from the University of Konstanz.

Dr. Stephan Heyse
Head of Genedata Screener® Business Unit

Stephan, who has been with Genedata since 2000, has successfully built from the ground up the Genedata Screener business unit. Additionally, he has been instrumental in developing the Genedata processes for agile product management, post-sales support, and professional services.

He continues to lead the Genedata Screener business unit, overseeing ongoing development and support for the industry’s premier analytical solution for high throughput screening (HTS) and its expansion into high content screening (HCS) and time series data analysis.

An active member of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, Stephan is regularly asked to participate in industry events and roundtable discussions.

Stephan earned his PhD in Biophysics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Dr. Kurt Zingler
Managing Director - Genedata Inc

Kurt, who has been with Genedata since 2004, has led Genedata’s successful year-to-year growth in the U.S. by forging strong partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and research organizations.

With his deep understanding of technology and its application to life science research, Kurt leads all business and technology initiatives that advance the adoption of Genedata solutions for life science research with a specific focus on North America.

An American Cancer Society Fellow at the University of California at San Francisco, Kurt has published extensively in the fields of immunology, virology, and informatics.

Kurt earned his PhD in Immunology and Microbiology at the University of California at San Francisco.

Dr. Peter Haberl
Managing Director - Genedata GmbH

Peter has been with Genedata since its founding in 1997. Committed to the highest software quality standards, Peter has been instrumental in Genedata’s success. He has established the company’s strong analytical capabilities and continues to drive the development of Genedata’s scalable analytical software modules.

Collaborating with customers, academics, and industry partners, Peter also guides teams in product demonstrations, and provides leadership on data analysis consulting projects and customer training and support.

Leading European academic journals have published Peter’s scientific research in physics and bioinformatics, and he is a highly regarded speaker at industry conferences and seminars.

Peter earned his PhD in Theoretical Physics at the University of Hamburg/Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron.

Hideki Shimohiro
Managing Director - Genedata KK

Hideki, who has been with Genedata since 2006, has driven the successful growth of the Genedata KK subsidiary and leads a strong team of business specialists and application experts.

He has extensive experience in Asian pharmaceutical markets combined with a deep knowledge of bioinformatics and cheminformatics software. Hideki is leveraging this expertise as he focuses on further expansion of Genedata’s business beyond the pharmaceutical industry. 

Hideki has forged close relationships with top Asian life science companies and leading academic institutions, and as a consequence advances development of product offerings with a focus on meeting the specific requirements of the Asian market.

Hideki graduated from Senshu University with a degree in business.

Kevin Teburi
Managing Director - Genedata Ltd

Kevin, who has been with Genedata since 2016, leads the UK office of Genedata scientific consultants and business account managers and is responsible for driving the successful growth of our UK organization.  
Kevin joined Genedata after 18 very successful years in global pharmaceutical R&D spanning across multiple scientific disciplines as well as on the IT side. Widely recognized in the industry for his forward looking approaches, Kevin has held numerous public speaking and consortia roles including serving as the chair and coordinator of the European Union eTRIKS IMI project in translational science.
Kevin uses his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry to ensure all Genedata customers can harness the maximum benefit from their science irrespective of the size of their organization.

Kevin holds a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Wales and a post graduate certificate in Health informatics from University of Manchester alongside PMP professional accreditation.