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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions set out the basic rules related to any event (“Event”) organized and hosted by Genedata AG and/or its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to “Genedata”, “we”, and “our”) and your registration and participation in such Event. 

By registering to the Event you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

We may organize Events with the goal of exchanging experience with our customers’ community, as well as to inform our customers about the latest developments in our product and service portfolio.  

When registering for an Event as a representative of a Genedata customer, you may have to share some personal data with Genedata. All personal data shared by you will be processed in accordance with Genedata’s Privacy Statement. The processing of your personal data will be limited to the purpose of your participation in the specific Event, for marketing and promotional purposes, and to providing you with news or other informational material prior to and after the Event. 
If you are a guest speaker, your presentation may be mentioned in Genedata’s advertising of the Event, including, without limitation, website and social media channels and/or for marketing and promotional use; unless such use is prohibited by an agreement executed between Genedata and the Genedata customer that you represent.
Your personal data will not be shared with any third parties, apart from Genedata’s affiliates.
Please read carefully the terms of our Privacy Statement and refer to the contact of our DPO contained therein for any requests relating to data privacy.

Any and all information shared or provided to you by or on behalf of Genedata during the Event, including, without limitation, technical and business information, systems, proposals, research, development, in any form, including, but not limited to, in writing, verbally, graphically or electronically, shall be deemed Confidential Information of Genedata and shall not be disclosed to third parties outside of the Event without the written authorization of Genedata.

Photography and Recording
Photographs, recordings and film footage may be taken by Genedata during this Event, which may or may not include the recognizable image and/or voice of individuals. By participating in this event, you consent to, without compensation, being photographed, recorded and/or filmed and authorize Genedata to use, with the exception of proprietary customer information, the photographs, recordings or film in any format (e.g., print, digital, video or web-based format) for Genedata’s marketing, promotional and archival purposes, and to the collection, processing and use of your personal data in connection therewith. You are not authorized to take photographs, recordings and/or film footage during the Event, including, without limitation, materials, presentations, speeches, persons, breaks, and titles, and any such violation will result in the breach of these Terms and Conditions and may result in a claim being brought against you and/or the Genedata customer you represent. 
Genedata shall own all rights, title and interest in the photographs, recordings and film footage taken during the Event. 

Travel and other related costs 
Any travel-related expenses to attend or participate in the Event, such as meals, travel and/or accommodation shall be at your own expense. Genedata will not pay or reimburse any such any costs. 

No Liability
Genedata will make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the Event will be conducted in accordance with the schedule and timeline provided to you. However, Genedata will not be responsible for any delays or cancellations.
Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, your registration and participation in the Event is at your own risk, and in no event shall Genedata be liable for any losses, injury, damages, costs or expenses suffered by any person or party arising from or in relation to the Event (including, without limitation, registration and/or participation in the Event, as well as any delays, interruptions, cancelations, or other circumstances such as fire, floods, earthquakes, storms, pandemics, epidemics, cyberattacks, or acts of God or war).