Genedata Selector

for Biofuels

The increased demand for sustainable energy resources has led to the rapid growth in the number of R&D projects with a strong focus on delivering novel fermentation-based production processes of biogas and biofuels beyond ethanol. For industrial biogas production, microbes can be used to break down plant material and animal waste into fermentable sugars. A primary goal for research in this field is to increase the amount of biogas that can be extracted from biomass, accomplished by optimizing the microbe populations that catalyze this process. To meet this goal, scientists need to interpret large volumes of complex data representing diverse microbial genomes and strains over time. Genedata SelectorTM for Biofuels enables you to capture, integrate, manage and analyze any type of data related to genomes (e.g. microbes, algae, or plants), pathways, phenotypes and intellectual property. These capabilities enable the development of new crops and strains that produce a broad spectrum of high-value, renewable chemicals. 

Unlike classic genome comparison solutions, Genedata Selector for Biofuels addresses the complete biofuel R&D workflow, accelerating the development of unique patented crops and microorganisms that possess proprietary biosynthetic production pathways.

A Solution for Scientists and Bioinformaticians

Find out how you can develop next-generation, high-value chemicals and fuels with an application suite customized to your requirements.

Systematic Data Processing & Strain Management
  • Strains are managed in a relational database enabling easy access to data of interest
  • Annotation, mutation and phenotypic data are stored along with strain information and genome sequences
  • Complete genomes of production strain collections (microbes, algae, or plants) can be easily managed, visualized and analyzed
  • Seamless integration of tools to track the current patent landscape, critical for product management decision support

Automated Processing and Mutation Profiling
  • Automatically processes data and annotates different organisms and high-quality strains
  • Interactive visualization tools enable you to identify mutations and predict their effects
  • Generates multiple sequence alignments and displays the results in an interactive viewer

Advanced Pathway, Phenotype and Statistical Analyses
  • Highlights new gene functions across species and links them to pathways and phenotypes (e.g. strain production yields)
  • Integrated pathway analysis functionality that shows the metabolic capacity of parent and derived strains superimposed on metabolic pathways
  • Advanced statistical analyses and standardized workflows for omics data are used for the optimization of production process (e.g. optimization of energy plants and biochemical conversion to increase methane yield)



A Solution for Technology Professionals

Find out how easily you can make information readily accessible to scientists, providing them with the solution needed to make informed decisions with Genedata Selector.

Open, Scalable and Robust Data Management Architecture
  • Centralized data management enabling  integration of  public and proprietary genome sequences in one system
  • Open interfaces provide a seamless integration with in-house and third-party systems
  • Enables users from multiple groups and sites to access the system for improved collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Ensures uninterrupted availability and security of intellectual property (IP)

Our software can be hosted, or Installed on-site for management by you, or Genedata.

    Our solution portfolio consists of software, scientific consulting, and professional services. Genedata scientific consulting addresses the complete life cycle of biopharmaceutical R&D projects – from early-stage feasibility studies through late-stage product development – delivering a full portfolio of analysis and bioinformatics services. Our broad spectrum of professional services ranges from custom software development, strategic co-development projects, and data loading/integration to hosting and IT services.