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Metagenome Analysis and Production Strain Optimization

Innovative NGS-based applications for industrial process optimization

To optimize the efficiency of production organisms, industrial biotech companies collect genotype data and phenotypic characterizations for a large number of strains, which results in massive amounts of complex data that is challenging for scientists to manage. Genedata Selector is an enterprise software system that analyzes and manages all genomic and omics data for the optimization of (fermentative) production processes.

Metagenome Analysis

Go beyond 16S RNA based taxonomy screening - characterize and reconstruct molecular mechanisms on a microbial community level. Inherently scalable, Genedata Selector® supports WGS metagenomics annotation to analyze pathways on metagenome and meta-transcriptome levels.  Additionally, operational taxonomic unit (OTU) management and tracking for new signatures enable lead- or indicator-strain identification and process optimization.

Strain Optimization

Digitalize and automate NGS-based new enzyme discovery, including screening and biochemical characterization, to accelerate strain development and process optimization while creating significant cost savings. Genedata Selector allows scientists to perform comparative studies of microbe dynamics and functions depending on experimental design, such as varying time points, treatments, or process conditions.

Product Registration

NGS-based production strain development and process optimization benefit from collecting genotype-phenotype data and phenotypic characterization for a large strain number. Tracking this data, generating consistent strain history, and early safety assessment facilitate acceptance by regulatory agencies and accelerate time-to-market.

Anti-Infective Research

Today, antibiotic resistance is a major threat to global health. NGS enables the understanding of molecular diversity and underpinning resistance at a genotype level, which guides identification of potential drug targets and in developing new antibiotics and antifungals for individualized treatment and the prevention of resistance.