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Molecular Breeding & Crop Protection

A comprehensive solution for large scale comparative genomics

The search for smarter breeding strategies and discovery of new targets for crop protection in agriscience require the integration, management, analysis and visualization of massive genomic data sets. Genedata Selector®, a comprehensive solution for NGS data, addresses these requirements, and drives new insights through comparative genomics and the integration of omics data.

Molecular Breeding

Genotype–Phenotype Relationship Analysis

Genedata Selector provides cross-omics data processing and statistical analysis of genotype–phenotype relationships for virtually an unlimited number of genome sequences of plants and microbes. The extensive data integration enables comparative genomics on sequence, mutation, protein function, regulation, and pathway levels.

Marker-Assisted Breeding

Compared to traditional breeding methods, marker-assisted breeding decreases development time for new varieties by years. The Genedata Selector central genome management system for plants and germplasm mutation profiling links sequence information to breeding markers (quantitative trait loci (QTL) with phenotype data for marker-assisted breeding.

Crop Protection

MoA Analysis

In crop protection, new resistances and increasing regulation are driving the need for new compounds, which selectively act on a pest and not its host. Genedata Selector facilitates whole-genome comparisons from mutations to gene functions and pathways to identify potential targets, for example, in insecticide, fungicide, and pesticide R&D and quickly analyzes MoA (mode of action).

Resistance Monitoring

NGS-based resistance diagnosis plays a significant role in understanding and monitoring resistance, maintaining pesticide efficacy, and optimizing pesticide applications. Genedata Selector enables accurate strain identification and detection of mutations leading to pesticide/fungicide resistance, for example, in a target fungus.