Genedata Selector

For Genomic Data Management & Analysis

Genedata Selector™ is an enterprise software solution that improves the efficiency of R&D workflows by integrating genomic data together with omics information in a single platform.

Genedata Selector:

  • Analyzes and manages raw sequencing data from any platform including Illumina, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore
  • Applicable to any biotech-relevant organism across all phylogenetic kingdoms such as bacteria, fungi, mammalian cell lines, or plants
  • Integrates different experimental data including genome, pathway, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics all under one platform
  • Automatically identifies and evaluates mutations correlating with production-relevant phenotypes
  • Provides visualization of molecular pathways allowing for a greater insight in genome comparisons
  • Increases efficiency by easily sharing data among different labs, departments, or even global locations
  • Elicits genotype-phenotype relationships based on statistical analysis 

Designed with an open architecture, Genedata Selector can be seamlessly integrated with any corporate IT infrastructure. The highly-scalable software platform combined with scientific and technical consulting services provides a full solution for increasing efficiency and reducing costs in a wide variety of industries including biopharmaceuticals, industrial biotech and agribusiness.


Genedata Selector can be utilized in the analysis of genomes from any species including mammalian, bacterial, plant or fungi.  Due to its flexibility, Genedata Selector already has extensive experience in many different application areas including:

Genedata Selector helps to achieve corporate research objectives, improve process efficiencies, and maximize return on investment in key research technologies.