Genedata Selector

The Integrative Software Solution for Genomic Data

With next-generation sequencing technology becoming more ubiquitous, many challenges arise in keeping in-depth biological knowledge up to date and easily accessible. The analysis, integration, and interpretation of the data presents a significant challenge to life science companies. Sophisticated software tools and platforms are needed to automate complex integration and analytics and present them back to the user in such a manner that is immediately interpretable by both biologists and bioinformaticians. There is where Genedata Selector is making an impact.

Genedata Selector® is an enterprise software platform that enables researchers to securely manage and analyze genomic content. Click on our videos below to see how Genedata Selector can help your company work more efficiently with genomic information.

Genedata Selector allows project teams to work more efficiently on genomic data anlayses.
Genedata Selector empowers biologists to be more in control of their genomic data analysis.
Genedata Selector helps bioinformaticians analyze and manage all genomic projects in one secure platform.

Genedata Selector

  • Streamlines workflows, improves efficiencies, and reduces costs by using one integrated software platform for all genomic data management and analysis
  • Strengthens decision making with reproducible results, automated processes, and a deeper understanding of genomic data
  • Reduces duplication of work and minimizes errors with in-software collaboration abilities
  • Protects internal IP and securely stores and manages all genomic data using internal servers, hosted servers, or both
  • Combines enterprise software with scientific and consulting services for the most robust and holistic view of genomic data

Designed with an open architecture, Genedata Selector can be seamlessly integrated with any corporate IT infrastructure. The highly-scalable software platform combined with scientific and technical consulting services ensures customers in a wide variety of industries including biopharmaceuticalsindustrial biotech and agriscience receive the full support they need to improve R&D and production processes. 


Genedata Selector can be utilized in the analysis of genomes from any species including mammalian, bacterial, plant or fungi.  Due to its flexibility, Genedata Selector already has extensive experience in many different application areas including:

Genedata Selector helps to achieve corporate research objectives, improve process efficiencies, and maximize return on investment in key research technologies.