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Accelerate R&D with NGS-Driven Decisions | Genedata Selector

Accelerate R&D with
NGS-Driven Decisions

An enterprise software solution that streamlines
NGS-based workflows from cell line development
to biosafety.

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Genedata Selector® enables scientists to integrate, manage, analyze, and share genomic data with phenotypic data and related intellectual property on a single platform across the enterprise.



Transform NGS data into innovative applications for cell line design, metagenomics, and biosafety



A modular enterprise solution for NGS data visualization, processing, analysis, and tracking



Our experts advise on standardization, automation, and implementation of NGS-based workflows

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Success Stories

Find out how our customers harmonize NGS data analysis and increase their productivity

Find out how Genedata Selector transforms NGS-based workflows and enables faster and better decisions

Enterprise Software for all
NGS-Based Workflows

Accelerate your cell line development, bioprocess optimization and biosafety testing with Genedata Selector – the only software connecting all the dots from NGS-based R&D to production.


Learn in 6 minutes how to accelerate NGS-based biosafety analysis

In-House Adventitious Agent Detection

An industry first for commercial software, non-targeted detection of adventitious agents is among the rich capabilities provided by Genedata Selector. These agents, detected in the automated analysis of NGS data, include viruses, mycoplasma, and other microbial contamination. Genedata Selector enables:

  • Untargeted detection of adventitious agents
  • Fast release of gene and cell therapy products
  • Product safety for registration
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Learn in 6 minutes how to optimize CRISPR guide RNA predictions.

Innovative Cell Line Development

Using NGS-based approaches throughout bioprocess development accelerates workflows and creates significant cost savings. Genedata Selector harmonizes and automates NGS-based workflows by providing an integrated data management and analysis system for:

  • In-depth host cell characterization
  • Clone selection and cell line identification with targeted locus amplification (TLA)
  • Planning, execution, and confirming gene and genome editing
Learn in 6 minutes how to simplify the analysis of Cergentis TLA technology data to speed up decision making.
Molecular Breeding and Crop Protection

Molecular Breeding and Crop Protection

The search for smarter breeding strategies and the discovery of new targets for crop protection require the integration, management, and analysis of visualization of massive genomic data sets. Genedata Selector drives new insights through comparative genomics and the integration of -omics data for:

  • Genotype-phenotype relationship analysis
  • Marker-assisted breeding
  • Mode of action (MoA) analysis
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Metagenome Analysis

Metagenome Analysis

Perform comparative studies of microbiome dynamics and functions depending on experimental design such as varying time points, treatments, or process conditions with Genedata Selector for:

  • Industrial process optimization
  • Production process monitoring
  • Anti-infective research
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