Genedata Screener

for Other Applications and Technologies

The Genedata Screener® Ready-to-Run program enables data from several instruments to be directly exported and analyzed with Screener. In addition to the instruments and software in the program, our customers have integrated a number of other systems with Screener. On top of these technologies, we support applications such as DMPK, siRNA screening, target validation, genetic screening, and more.

Screener can easily be adapted to suit the requirements of any screening technology or application. Customized parsers and support by our application specialists ensure that the benefits of Screener in the form of scalability, automation, interactivity, and visualization are accessible to any screening lab.

This is possible through continuous partnerships and collaborations with our users, where we develop their requirements into enterprise software that specifically supports their technologies and workflows.

Contact us to find out how we can cover your specific workflow.


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