Genedata Screener

for HCS

Genedata Screener® offers a solution covering the complete high content screening (HCS) analysis from cell-level data to final campaign results. Screener for HCS simultaneously supports multiple and different HCS systems with instant image access throughout the data analysis pipeline and provides single-point access to all HCS data for screens of hundreds or thousands of plates with 5, 50, or 500 HCS features per well.

The software allows review of images directly next to the calculated results, providing instant confirmation of phenotypic changes and biological events. Specific visualizers such as cell density plots also enable quick overviews and simple ways to find interesting or suspicious results. Any changes in calculation settings instantly updates dependent results, and cell populations can be defined and analyzed and cell-to-well aggregations calculated with interactive cell histograms.

For a quick demonstration of how Screener can be used for phenotypic screening, see the below 5-minute video.



Want to improve your image analysis? The Genedata Early Access Program helps you explore how a workflow built on deep learning can significantly accelerate and improve your image analysis process. Learn more about the technology in the High Content Review or by requesting our poster. You can also read our deep learning press release or contact us to start a conversation.

Genedata also offers an image and data management solution that uniquely supports complex, heterogeneous HCS environments with built-in workflow support and flexibility.

Selection of Supported Instruments

Genedata Screener easily integrates with leading HCS platforms to create single-point access to all HCS images and data. Genedata customers run on one or more of the following:

  • PerkinElmer Columbus™ Image Data Storage and Analysis System
  • Thermo Scientific™ Store informatics software
  • Molecular Devices MDCStore™ Data Management Solution
  • Custom management systems

In addition, Screener for Image Management integrates with any imaging instrument or image analysis software and effectively manages all images and results throughout the organization.

Beyond Software

“Data visualization and data quality assurance were key drivers behind choosing Genedata’s solution.”

Hiroki Takaya, Group Manager, Pharmaceutical Technology Department, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Genedata Screener for HCS provides:

  • A single point of reference for downstream HCS data and images
  • Comparison of limitless numbers of features
  • Access to raw data images next to well results
  • Results per well from individual cell populations
  • HCS-specific visualization such as cell density and scatter plots
  • Image and image analysis result management with annotation, browsing, and querying within and across experiments

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