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Streamline Discovery Screening | Genedata Screener

Discovery Screening

An enterprise software solution that captures, analyzes, and manages all screening data—automating even complex assays.

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Genedata Screener® harmonizes and scales analysis. It ensures high data quality for better result visibility and decision-making at leading biopharmaceutical companies, biotechs, CROs, and academic screening centers worldwide.



Genedata Screener streamlines analysis for large or small molecule R&D with specific solutions for Mechanistic Analysis, Multiplexed Assays, and more.



Web-based design, built-in business logic, modular architecture, and open APIs make our software intuitive, scalable, adaptable, and easily deployed.

Beyond Software

Beyond Software

Genedata experts work with you to help increase your productivity. Guided by the latest screening science, we continually evolve our software.

Success Stories

Success Stories

The world’s top biopharmas, biotechs, CROs, and academic screening centers choose Genedata Screener to help shorten cycles, reduce costs, and drive innovative discovery.

HCS Data Analysis with Genedata Screener

Shorten R&D Cycles. Do More.

Genedata Screener helps you accelerate and scale up R&D screening workflows. In just minutes, this powerful software handles huge and complex datasets by automating data capture, routine calculations, and multi-level quality control.

  • Using raw data imported directly from the instrument, instantly initiate analysis upon experiment completion.
  • Get straight to final per-molecule results with automated processing and analysis.
  • Home in on promising leads from the get-go, using sophisticated assays enabled by Genedata curve-fitting and model selection capabilities—at scale and early in the discovery cycle.

Harmonize Analysis.
Increase Data Availability.

Genedata Screener lets you centrally specify workflows ahead of time, helping harmonize your data analysis and standardize reporting to data warehouses.

  • Streamline workflows using one analysis system across multiple instruments and technologies.
  • Collaborate internally or with CROs and external partners using data securely shared on internal servers, hosted servers, or in the cloud.
  • Optimize decision-making by annotating results with controlled vocabulary to ensure comprehension and interpretability across groups.
Monitor Data Quality in the Dashboard of Genedata Screener

Ensure Data Quality.

High-quality, reliable results are integral to successful research. Genedata Screener enforces standard QC criteria, pinpoints experimental problems, flags suspect wells and compounds, and lets you inspect results and optimize analysis parameters as required—automatically recalculating any affected results across the entire dataset.

  • Reduce manual errors and interpretation mistakes.
  • Enforce best-practice, analysis rules using built-in business logic.
  • Interactively and flexibly perform additional QC using clear and intuitive visualizations.