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The Engineering module enables the efficient engineering of virtually any protein format and the generation of combinatorial libraries from known molecule building blocks. Built-in tools for designing and optimizing IgGs as well as complex next-generation antibody formats such as bi- and multi-specifics facilitate the production and testing of large panels of engineered candidates. In addition, the system supports simultaneous improvement of candidate properties, such as binding affinity, cross-reactivity, stability, expressibility, and other critical attributes. Advanced tools for affinity maturation, site-directed mutagenesis, germlining, humanization, reformatting, and isotype switching enable rapid and reliable generation of superior protein variants.


The system comes with a dedicated molecule workspace for combinatorial design of complex molecules enabling the in silico engineering of large panels of candidates for cloning, expression, and subsequent testing.


The system captures all types of engineered molecules from IgGs and next-generation antibody formats to CARs and TCRs, as well as their unique design features (e.g., knobs-into-holes or shared chains) that must be tracked, produced, tested, and validated.


The molecule design is integrated with the engineering process and the resulting molecules and their building blocks are tracked, providing a full engineering genealogy for each candidate.


Specialized tools to assess diverse molecular properties as the candidates are engineered and optimized enable a directed evolution approach to protein engineering.


All molecule engineering information is centrally stored and can be reported using built-in templates, providing comprehensive and accurate documentation of all engineering activities across different campaigns.


The system empowers users with unprecedented functionalities to efficiently design and optimize diverse therapeutic candidates for desired properties such as binding, immunogenicity, stability, and solubility.

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