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A Platform for NGS Data Management and Analysis

Genedata Selector® is an end-to-end solution that standardizes and automates sample registration, NGS data processing, and analysis to reporting with easy-to-use “Playbooks”. Centralize all data-related activities and transform data into insights for more efficient collaboration.

Configurable and interactive genome viewer

Manage & Analyze Genome Sequences

Genedata Selector® provides easy access to genome information and integrates it with public & proprietary data for in-depth annotation and phenotypic information. 
The platform allows to select gene, exon, transcript, and CRISPR gRNA prediction tracks to investigate variants on a nucleotide level.

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Standardized and locked NGS workflows

Standardize Data Processing

Genedata Selector enables bioinformatics analysis of data from any sequencing instrument and automates as well as standardizes NGS workflows for RNA- and DNAseq. The software uses a comprehensive set of up-to-date bioinformatics tools and drag & drop functionality for building workflows. Genedata Selector performs raw NGS data quality control and processing facilitating interactive visualizations and sanity checks of results.

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Flexible statistical tools integrated with Genedata Selector

Innovative Analysis and Visualization Tools

Genedata Selector contains integrated, flexible statistical tools and powerful machine learning tools for analyzing complex genotype, phenotype and cross-omics data. Our solution generates publication-quality visualizations that provide deeper insights into the underlying organism-specific biological processes and results. 

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Track Your Sample Meta-Information

Genedata Selector delivers comprehensive sample history and audit reports for regulatory compliance functioning as a “LIMS for NGS”. It includes configurable sample registration and metadata submission with guided data entry to reduce manual errors. The software simplifies internal and external reporting through automated report creation.

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Easy, step by step data submission in Genedata Selector

Automate Your Workflows

The wizard-based Playbooks in Genedata Selector are essential to guide users through data registration and processing steps. Playbooks, built by trained users or system administrators are tailored to application and assay needs. These guides combine sample tracking with data integration, automated data processing, and report generation.

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Genedata Selector — More than Just Software

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