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Beyond Software | Genedata Selector

Your Innovation

Genedata Selector® is more than software ‒  our experts partner with you to provide scientific consulting, training for onboarding new project members, and proof-of-concept pilots. Together, we ensure your team works productively with the software from day one.

First Step Towards Collaboration

Pilot Projects - A First Step to New Opportunities

Genedata offers pilot projects to give your team confidence in our solution through hands-on experience. Genedata strives to ensure that our enterprise software system meets and exceeds your needs. Pilot projects are a great way to consolidate and integrate proprietary and public domain data. We also provide an opportunity to become highly familiar with our software. 

Recent pilot projects include:
•    Consolidation of cell line genome assemblies and annotations
•    Cross-omics data analysis for cell and pathway analysis
•    MicroRNA annotation and regulation network reconstruction
•    Cell line adaptation by DNA, RNA, and methylation profiling 
•    Endogenous virus annotation of proprietary cell lines
•    Implementation of virus detection workflows

Leverage Our Expertise

Scientific Consulting - Leverage Our Expertise

Our team of experienced data scientists help you gain business-relevant insights from complex data and new technologies. We provide support for small projects, continuous support as an outsourced data science team, or dedicated support for large, multi-month projects. The Genedata Selector team supports you in project design, experimental setup, data processing and automation of data analysis, and reporting.

Recent scientific consulting projects include:
•    Production cell line optimization by enhancing cell line stability
•    Production strain optimization for manufacturing
•    Troubleshooting product variation from bio-banked cell lines
•    Biosafety assessment for strain registration with regulatory bodies
•    Microbiome monitoring of industrial processes

Training and support

Delivering First-Class Support & Training

To realize the full benefits of the Genedata Selector® software, we offer training and support on several levels. We are available to provide support via phone, on-demand online training, or on-site training of end users from wet lab personnel to management. We strive to help you attain the solution you need.  

Training sessions include:

•    Deployment, training and onboarding strategies for multi-site organizations 
•    Knowledge transfer on NGS applications
•    Streamlining processes for increased efficiency

Supporting Your IT Needs

Managed IT and Hosting

Our Managed IT & Hosting services are designed for customers who want to operate Genedata software in the cloud or on premises but lack the internal operational IT resources.

Our services include system setup and monitoring, regular software upgrades, back-up strategy and support. We manage third-party software dependencies and ensure client installations run uninterrupted.

Accelerate Your NGS-Based Workflows

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