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Embrace Innovation
with NGS

NGS-based biosafety. TLA-based clone selection.  CRISPR.  Adventitious agent detection. Genedata Selector® leverages the benefits of NGS with innovative applications for biopharma, agriscience, and industrial biotech. 

Enable Efficient In-House Biosafety Testing

Manufacturing groups recognize the need to screen for adventitious agents (e.g., viruses and mycoplasma) regularly and early in the process as failure to detect and remove them can have devastating financial consequences. 

NGS-based biosafety testing saves significant time, produces faster results, and significantly reduces overall testing costs from cell line development to manufacturing.

Ensure Quality
Cell Line Development

Innovative NGS-based Cell Line Development

Leveraging Genedata Selector for rational cell line development with NGS and omics data reduces project timelines. It also allows to track molecular changes and investigate their effects on bioprocess and product quality. 

Determine suitable engineering targets faster with an omics-driven approach, edit selected genes with CRISPR and confirm integration sites and insert stability with TLA and mutation profiling.

Accelerate Development
Bioprocess Optimization

Bioprocess Optimization

Facilitate NGS-based bioprocess development with genotype-phenotype relationship analysis. Genedata Selector allows scientists to perform comparative studies of cell line dynamics, bioprocess formats, and experimental design such as varying time points, treatments, or process conditions.

Maximize Bioprocess Efficiency
Industrial Biotech

Industrial Biotech

Genedata Selector enables scientists to analyze and manage ever-increasing amounts of complex data for all omics and phenotypic characterization of (fermentative) production processes.

Perform comparative studies of strains or microbiome dynamics and their interactions depending on experimental design such as varying time points, treatments, or process conditions.

Unlock the Potential of Your Genomes


The search for smarter breeding strategies and the discovery of new targets for crop protection require the integration, management, analysis and visualization of large genomic data sets. Genedata Selector generates novel actionable insights through comparative genomics and the integration of -omics and phenotype data.

Smart Breeding & Crop Protection

Use Genedata Selector to Benefit From:

A Single Source of Truth

Genedata Selector enables scientists to easily and rapidly access all data related to host and production organisms to perform efficient and accurate analysis. Newly generated information is stored in the software and shared with the project team when required.

Simplified Bioinformatics

Genedata Selector equips scientists to analyze the vast amounts of NGS data with automated workflows reducing the dependency on bioinformatics expertise. In addition, the software enhances collaboration in teams with shared views and interactive notification functions. 

Reduced Number of Assays

NGS-based adventitious agent detection replaces or complements time-consuming traditional methods. It reduces the number of assays required and the wait time from more than four weeks to only a few days. This results in accelerated and improved decision-making based on data-driven insights.

A Leading End-to-end Solution

Genedata Selector is the ideal end-to-end solution for a range of processes from sample registration, purification to sequencing. By standardizing data processing, analysis, and results sharing, development is made cost-efficient, fully traceable, and scalable. This digitalization leads to shortened development timelines, a high throughput, and increased company return-on-investment (ROI). 

Streamline Your NGS-Based Biosafety Workflows

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