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Assessment of sustained efficacy and resistance emergence under human-simulated exposure of cefiderocol against Acinetobacter baumannii using in vitro chemostat and in vivo murine infection models

JAC Antimicrobial Resistance
May 3, 2022

This study evaluated the sustained kill and potential for resistance development of Acinetobacter baumannii exposed to human-simulated exposure of cefiderocol over 72 h in in vitro and in vivo infection models.

The discrepancy in the sustained efficacy and resistance emergence between in vitro and in vivo models was observed for A. baumannii. Although the resistance mechanisms in vitro have not been fully identified, sustained efficacy without resistance emergence was observed in vivo for six of seven isolates. These studies reveal the in vivo bactericidal activity and the low potential for development of resistance among A. baumannii evaluated under human-simulated exposures.

Genedata Selector® was used to predict the protein-coding genes along with their functional annotation of the long contigs and detect specific mutations.