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A High-Throughput Yellow Fever Neutralization Assay

Microbiology Spectrum
June 7, 2022

Quick and accurate detection of neutralizing antibodies (nAbs) against yellow fever is essential in serodiagnosis during outbreaks for surveillance and to evaluate vaccine efficacy in population-wide studies. All of this requires serological assays that can process a large number of samples in a highly standardized format. Albeit being laborious, time-consuming, and limited in throughput, the classical plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT) is still considered the gold standard for the detection and quantification of nAbs due to its sensitivity and specificity. Here, we report the development of an alternative fluorescence-based serological assay (SNTFLUO) with an equally high sensitivity and specificity that is fit for high-throughput testing with the potential for automation. Finally, our novel SNTFLUO was cross-validated in several reference laboratories and against international WHO standards, showing its potential to be implemented in clinical use. SNTFLUO assays with similar performance are available for the Japanese encephalitis, Zika, and dengue viruses amenable to differential diagnostics.

Genedata Screener was used to analyze data from a high-throughput reporter-based neutralization assay for yellow fever virus diagnostics.