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What's New in Genedata Screener 18.0

Ready for the new version of Screener that gives you dynamic visualizations, clear workflows, new technology functionalities and more? 

Screener is continually advancing to meet your needs, and version 18 reflects enhancements based on features most-often requested by users. For example, in the new Screener, small and large molecule screening data analysis is now more comprehensive, easier to perform, and saves more time than ever before. Here’s a sampling of other new features in Screener 18:

Enhanced usability and more automated data analysis.

With new stored filters, compounds can be automatically tagged to create a hitlist in the discovery process and saved templates can be used for future experiments. Now, plots/results can also easily be customized and exported into Word and PowerPoint for your reporting needs.

New functionalities for advanced screening technologies.

Insightful visualizations, such as PCA, enable deeper data exploration and hit selection for multi-parametric assays such as HCS. If you are conducting ion channel screening, our APC module now covers the most widely-used HT-APC instruments such as Sophion Bioscience and Nanion, our Ready-to-Run partners. Screener 18 now includes an offering for mass spectrometry screening (MS Refiner) and affords broader coverage of biopharma use cases with new SPR analysis capabilities (multi-injection steady state, binding stoichiometry).

Compliance with FAIR data principles.

The Hit Profiler module in Screener 18 allows you to consolidate all assay results of your favorite molecules. You can also create Hit Profiler templates and weekly project reports.

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