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What’s New in Genedata Screener 21

Learn about the latest innovations in Genedata Screener that set new standards for data quality and data processing automation. Version 21 pushes the boundaries of scientific efficiency and shortens project cycles for speedy and more successful drug discovery and development programs.

In this webinar and software demonstration, Matthias Fassler, Product Manager at Genedata Screener, will show you:

  • The new Assay Performance Monitoring extension for collecting historic quality metrics to assess the stability of your assay over time.
  • Latest functionality to enable fully unattended workflows, from data capture to reporting.
  • Our new AI-based classifier which automates the selection of the best fit model for SPR and BLI assays and reduces the time spent on data review by 85%.
  • The new automated methods to generate training data for deep-learning aided workflows for image analysis.
  • The new functionality and professional support to deploy Genedata Screener into regulated environments.
  • The latest version of Assay Catalog that introduces assay templates to standardize assay metadata across the enterprise.

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