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Integration of Exploratory Biomarker and Clinical Data in Early Cancer Immunotherapy Trials

Finding the right patient population is key to developing precision medicine approaches such as immunotherapy. To do so, biopharma companies leverage a wide variety of data types gathered during exploratory studies to identify prognostic and predictive markers.

Our latest webinar demonstrates how MacroGenics, an emerging leader in immunooncology, maximizes the value of biomarker and clinical data to inform clinical decisions by using Genedata Profiler, the data integration and analytics platform.

During his presentation, Dr. Patrick Kaminker, Director of Translational Biology at MacroGenics, explains how integrative analyses of complex, heterogeneous data empower the company to identify biomarkers guiding their future clinical trials. He also discusses their data-related translational research challenges and the requirements needed to overcome them and meet their scientific objectives.

Who should watch?

Biopharma and biotech professionals working in translational research looking to unlock the value of complex R&D data to inform clinical development strategies through enhanced data integration and analytics.

Speaker: Speaker: Dr. Patrick Kaminker, Director of Translational Biology, MacroGenics

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