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Selector Tips and Tricks for Establishing NGS-Based Biosafety Testing

To successfully implement NGS-based assays for biosafety applications, the experimental setup as well as the analysis of the experimental data, needs to be planned in detail. Depending on the underlying scientific problem to be solved, the appropriate computational algorithms and parameter settings need to be selected, configured, and integrated into a “bioinformatics pipeline” to analyze the experimental data.

In this Tech Note, Genedata Selector® experts provide some pointers of what needs to be taken into consideration when designing an NGS-based biosafety assay and implementing a bioinformatics pipeline for analysis. We share some of our experiences gained through supporting companies in this domain over the past years. We want to enable biopharmaceutical organizations to quickly get started with NGS-based biosafety, avoid known pitfalls, and establish best practices.

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