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Streamlining NGS-Based Workflows in Cell Line Development

BPI 2022, Vienna
May 17, 2022

Streamlining NGS-Based Workflows in Cell Line Development

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies have revolutionized development and production of the innovative and safe bio-therapeutics. However, new challenges have emerged, requiring novel solutions for data management, integration, and secure data sharing:
- First, a scalable & secure data management system is needed to get immediate access to stored public and proprietary omics data, knowledge & related IP.
- Second, standardized workflows from raw data processing to data analysis and reporting are required for efficient decision making.
- Third, powerful communications tools are needed to support innovative collaboration throughout an enterprise.

Genedata Selector® is the intuitive enterprise software solution that automates NGS data integration and analysis. The platform enables the processing, analysis, visualization, and management of genomic information supporting cell line development, bioprocess development and the detection of adventitious agents.
The solution facilitates engineering of proprietary cell lines and tracking genetic variations with intuitive visualizations and allows to complete TLA-based clone analysis in a few days.

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