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Streamlining Gene Therapy R&D

Watch this short demo to learn how Genedata Biologics® acts as a central end-to-end data backbone that integrates and automates gene therapy drug development. The platform supports discovery of active components (e.g., polynucleotides) as well as delivery systems including viral vectors such as AAVs and retroviruses, and non-viral vectors such as lipid nanoparticles. Users can track, analyze, and share all data along the gene therapy discovery process as they design, engineer, and screen diverse transgenes and vectors to carry the payload to target tissues, patient-derived cells, or modified cell lines. With real-time access to all information and guaranteed data traceability and quality across the entire workflow, scientists can make data-based decisions and bring life-changing gene therapies to patients faster.

In the demo, you’ll find out how the platform

  • Acts as a central, fully integrated system for molecular biology, expression, purification, formulation, and analytics workflows
  • Registers all virus types including lentiviruses and adeno-associated viruses, their serotypes, and the stoichiometry of their components
  • Tracks non-viral vectors, such as lipid nanoparticles, and their chemical components and ratios
  • Auto-generates vectors so you can view 100s of verified plasmid designs in one click
  • Efficiently optimizes transfection and transduction protocols
  • Captures purification procedures, batch hierarchies, and results of each unit operation
  • Ensures error-proof data handovers between different R&D teams and partners including CROs/CDMOs
  • Systematically identifies top candidates based on multiple selection criteria
  • Provides an out-of-the-box foundation for digital modelling and AI/ML approaches 

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