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Secure Data Is FAIR(er) Data

Genedata Profiler® Insight

Author: Sebastian Ribi Ph.D., Scientific Business Consulting, Genedata

Introduction: R&D data is a strategic asset for biopharmaceutical companies, which is utilized to build a more accurate and meaningful picture of targets, molecules, patients and their responses to drugs. The FAIR data principles, which we explain in Step 2, below, have been adopted by many companies across all industries, including biopharma organizations around the globe.

However, in biopharma, making data FAIR is not sufficient. Based on our experience in deploying Genedata Profiler as institutional memory for all translational and clinical data, our clients require an IT and software solution which complies with strict regulatory and security regulations for working with sensitive patient data.

Keywords: Data Security; FAIR Data; Translational Research; Patient Privacy