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Genedata Screener for Automation

Genedata Screener

Look around any biopharmaceutical R&D lab and you will see expensive multimodal high-throughput lab automation platforms equipped with cutting-edge analytical instruments, which enable the screening of thousands of samples in a matter of hours. However, when it comes to processing the data, scientists still often walk up to the instruments, extract the data, and manually transfer it to spreadsheet applications for data processing and analysis using multiple different software tools. This is inefficient, error-prone, and counteracts the purpose of lab automation.

In the lab-of-the-future, data workflows are digitalized. All assay data and metadata are automatically retrieved from instruments, automatically analyzed, quality checked, and results are automatically reported to the global team. Moreover, data is FAIR and AI-ready.

Genedata Screener® is optimally positioned to provide such a digital backbone for your modern lab-of-the-future.