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Now is the Time for MS Screening Labs to Scale Up Projects

While mass spectrometry (MS) delivers better screening results in less time, the resulting tsunami of complex assays creates a data analysis bottleneck, which can take days up to weeks to overcome. These challenges are a thing of the past with Genedata Screener® for MS. Integrated with a wide range of MS instrumentation, Genedata Screener now includes ready-to-go analysis workflows for typical assay formats.

This webinar will demonstrate how the new MS application analyzes and reports on assay formats, such as multiplexed affinity selection MS (ASMS), multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), and various covalent binding assays. Scientists using MS as a technology to scale up and accelerate identification and validation now have an automated data analysis solution that matches MS throughput, which:

  • Delivers high throughput screening and large-scale repeat analyses
  • Provides plate-centric views enabling screening experts to analyze MS data
  • Reduces analysis time through automation to unlock potential for higher throughput
  • Offers systematic, unbiased QC

Key Learning Objectives

  • Overcome bottlenecks with high throughput analysis
  • Simplify MS data analysis with templated, automated raw spectra processing workflows
  • Easily identify molecules of interest with peak and cluster annotations

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