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Enhancing the Integration of Translational Datasets

Do you aim to streamline your translational research pipelines and unlock value from multi-omics data to accelerate precision medicine development?

Our latest webinar demonstrates the benefits of our digital platform, Genedata Profiler, to the Genmab Translational Sciences team. During his presentation, Dr. Jordan Blum, Clinical Biomarker Assay Team Lead, explains how our software supports translational and exploratory clinical research by:

  • Automating data workflows, while maintaining the flexibility to easily integrate custom assays and technologies,
  • Providing a fully validated GxP environment without limiting scientific exploration, and
  • Equipping biologists with advanced analytics and interactive visualizations, while allowing data scientists to utilize their expert tools of choice.

Who should watch?

Biopharma and biotech professionals working in translational research looking to unlock the value of translational datasets through enhanced data integration and analytics and interested in performing in-house exploratory clinical assays.

Speaker: Jordan Plum, Ph.D., Principal Scientist in Translational Sciences, Clinical Biomarker Assay Lead, Genmab NJ

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