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Identification of IgG2 Disulfide Isoforms by Non-Reduced Peptide Mapping Workflow

In this short presentation, Huimin Zhong of Merck Inc. describes an automated method for characterizing disulfide isoforms of human IgG2 antibodies. This method is based on digestion of the non-reduced protein followed by identification of the isoforms through inter-chain disulfide fingerprinting using mass spectrometry.

Two MS data workflows were developed to characterize the isoforms: 

  • a fixed disulfide mapping workflow, in which disulfide linkages were predefined to detect known isoforms
  • a de-novo disulfide mapping, in which all possible combinations were considered to detect unknown isoforms in mutant antibodies


  • Huimin Zhong M.S., Scientist, Discovery Biologics, Merck & Co.

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