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High-Throughput Hybridoma-Based Antibody Discovery

PEGS Boston, Boston, MA, USA
May 14, 2014

The use of hybridoma libraries is an established technology for the generation of successful therapeutic antibodies. Here, we present a new workflow management system that increases the throughput and efficiency of antibody screening, engineering, and production workflows.  In particular, we discuss the challenges in supporting high-throughput hybridoma generation and screening workflows, subsequent chimerization and humanization of murine antibodies, and expression and analytical evaluation of murine and humanized constructs. These processes create new demands for handling molecule information (e.g. graft sequences and hierarchies, DNA constructs), material information (e.g. clone sorting by FACS/MACS, plate management), as well as characterization data (i.e. assays and analytics).  We provide specific examples of successfully addressing these unique aspects of working with hybridoma-based technologies with new workflow, data management, and data analysis tools.

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