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Genedata Biopharma Platform: Digitalizing Biopharma R&D

Genedata’s global mission is to enable Biopharma organizations to discover, develop, and manufacture innovative biotherapeutics faster and more efficiently. The Genedata Biopharma Platform can handle all therapeutic modalities, including small molecules, antibodies, cell and gene therapies, vaccines and RNA therapies.

Our systems work separately and together to provide critical business benefits that:

  • Drive innovation 
  • Accelerate R&D workflows
  • Increase R&D efficiency
  • Improve clinical success

The Genedata Biopharma Platform provides unparalleled coverage of biopharmaceutical R&D, with depth in domain-specific functionalities. The highly scalable software architecture provides a structured data model that makes it easy to find data and establish the foundation for AI-based research.

Genedata also offers data harmonization, workflow automation, and system integration opportunities across organizations.