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Digitalization & Lab Automation at Merck Across mAbs, Bispecifics, and ADCs

Sameh Eid, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Research and Lab Informatics at Merck, Darmstadt, Germany

Learn how Merck is transforming biotherapeutic discovery by digitalizing and automating R&D workflows. Merck went from a fragmented research landscape using different tools and technologies to generate and store data to integrating Genedata Biologics at the center of operations to increase efficiency and accelerate discovery operations. With real-time access to all relevant data in the central Genedata platform, Merck can now design, track, test, and assess mAbs, Bispecifics, and ADCs so they can make more informed decisions on candidates today and analyze data patterns to drive the discovery programs of tomorrow.

Merck uses Genedata Biologics to
•    store all biotherapeutics data in one place
•    manage requests
•    report lab results
•    link to external data systems
•    automate lab operations
•    facilitate data exchange with CROs and external partners
•    support decision-making and AI/ML approaches

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