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E2E Data Platform to Digitalize & Automate Single-Domain Antibody (sdAbs) R&D

Dominique Vlieghe, Ph.D., Data and Information Manager, Biotalys, Ghent, Belgium

Discover how Biotalys uses a fully integrated workflow management and automation platform to increase efficiency and ensure data integrity during discovery and bioprocess development of single-domain antibodies (sdAbs). The Genedata Biopharma platform acts as Biotalys’ fully integrated central data and workflow management system for all critical R&D information and allows them to connect activities across discovery, development, and bioprocessing. By enabling instant information-sharing across projects and groups spanning high throughput screening, strain engineering (CLD), fermentation process (USP) development and analytics, and product purification (DSP), Genedata provides the key structured data foundation for decision-making and risk management.This enables Biotays to develop and manufacture groundbreaking biological products faster and in a more economically viable manner.

Learn how Biotalys uses Genedata Bioprocess to

  • Increase operational efficiency of bioprocess development within and across USP, DSP, CLD, and bioanalytic teams.
  • Obtain new insights from diverse stages of process development by analyzing all data and leveraging instant access to information.
  • Enforce data quality, integrity, and compliance from early development through bioprocessing, facilitating submission of documents for new bioproduct certification and registration.
  • Continuously optimize processes based on learnings from previous process development campaigns.
  • Directly integrate with lab instruments to automate two-way data transfer, which increases efficiency and reduces manual errors.

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