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How to analyze all bioassay data on one single platform

Learn how to capture and analyze highly complex bioassay data in the most consistent and efficient way. All kinds of data from a range of technologies and applications—including ELISA, flow cytometry, epitope binning, kinetic screening, and dose-response studies—can be analyzed and shared across the whole enterprise with Genedata Screener®. By making analysis faster and less error-prone, Screener increases your efficiency and helps you focus on interpreting your data and selecting the best leads.

Screener streamlines the analysis of bioassay data. It is part of the Genedata Biopharma platform, which provides a fully integrated solution for Biopharma R&D. The software automates the capture of raw bioassay data from different sources, harmonizes the analysis and makes results easily available for interactive quality control and visualization.

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