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Accelerating Cell Therapy Product Development Using Genedata Selector

Compared to traditional therapeutics, cell therapies are novel biotherapeutics that aim to treat, prevent, and potentially cure diseases by modifying either cells or genes. Cell therapy involves restoring or modifying specific cell types or using cells to deliver a therapy through the body. Ensuring the efficacy and safety of cell therapies is critical to their ability to achieve their intended purpose. The advent of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has transformed the biopharmaceutical industry as a powerful tool for assessing critical quality attributes (CQAs) to confirm the biosafety, identity, and integrity of biotherapeutics. NGS-based assays provide an unbiased, sensitive, and rapid approach than traditional methods while requiring significantly less biological input material.

Genedata Selector® is an end-to-end software solution that transforms data into actionable results for all NGS-based assays. As a sequencing technology-agnostic platform, it simplifies sample and data management while enabling automated analysis, intuitive visualization, and the integration of NGS data with other data types. Genedata Selector is a single source of truth that can be easily integrated into cGMP environments to provide documentation for internal evaluation or regulatory submissions.