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Genedata Biopharma Partner Symposium | Basel, Switzerland | March 6–7, 2024

The Genedata Biopharma Partner Symposium is a unique interdisciplinary event at the interface between biopharma R&D and IT. Presentations and discussions will focus on innovative applications and new industry requirements: novel molecular formats (e.g., multispecifics, TCRs, CARs, AAVs, RNA vaccines), advanced screening technologies, MS-based multi-attribute methods (MAM), NGS, molecular patient profiling, and automation and data FAIRification in biopharmaceutical R&D.

At this invitation-only event, leading biopharma companies will show how groups have set up, operate, and use Genedata solutions to transform their biotherapeutics research & development and how this results in increased efficiency and throughput. The symposium brings together people working in all areas of biopharma:

  • Discovery—Screening, selection, engineering, and validation
  • Development—Characterization, optimization, and cell-line engineering
  • Production—Bioprocessing, biosafety, and QC
  • Translational Science—Patient profiling and integrative (pre-)clinical research
  • IT—Infrastructure, networking, and integration
  • Automation—Laboratory, data and research process automation

The event includes plenary keynote presentations as well as targeted break-out sessions and poster and demo sessions which highlight how the Genedata Biopharma Platform is streamlining processes and increasing efficiency throughout biopharmaceutical research, development, and production.

In addition to the scientific program, there will be an evening social networking event and dinner.

Day 1 — Wednesday, March 6, 2024
Plenary Session
8:30–9:00Registration & Welcome Coffee
Hyperion Hotel Basel, Messeplatz 12, Basel, Switzerland
9:00–9:10Opening Remarks 
Jana Hersch, Head of Corporate Scientific Engagement, Genedata, Boston, MA, USA
9:10–9:30Work Smarter, Not Harder: Leveraging Data to Increase Efficiency
Othmar Pfannes, CEO, Genedata, Basel, Switzerland
9:30–10:00Evolution of the Genedata Biologics Ecosystem at Pfizer: RNA and Beyond
Joel Bard, Associate Research Fellow BioMedicine Design, Pfizer, Cambridge, MA, USA
10:00–10:30Genedata Expressionist at the Biologics Research Center, Novartis Basel: Automating and Digitalizing MS Analytics
Patrick Schindler, Senior Principal Scientist, Novartis, Basel, Switzerland 
11:00–11:30Embracing Change: Digitalizing Antibodies, Cell & Gene Therapies, and More at AstraZeneca 
Carl Matthews,  Principal Scientist Biologics Engineering, AstraZeneca, Great Abington, United Kingdom
11:30–12:00Digitalizing ADC Workflows with Genedata at Merck 
Sameh Eid, Principal Scientist Research Informatics, Merck, Darmstadt, Germany
12:00–12:30Streamlining Lab Execution Workflows with Genedata 
Rik Rademaker, Director Cell and Molecular Sciences, Genmab, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Hyperion Hotel Basel
Breakout Sessions
Biologics & Bioprocess

Genedata Biologics at the Center of Sanofi’s Large Molecules Research
Katja Kroll, Digital Biologics Platform Site Lead, Sanofi, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

High-Throughput Screening of NANOBODY® Molecules Using a Genedata Screener – Biologics Integrated Workflow
Tom Raes, Scientist Automation & Data Management, Sanofi, Ghent, Belgium

Genedata at Janssen: A Brief History, Current and Future Directions with Focus on Genedata Expressionist
Steven Pomerantz, Principal Scientist, Janssen, Spring House, PA, USA

From Lab Automation to Data Standardization and Modeling
Ismael Velasco, Director Global Data Systems GDD TRD Data Assets & Insights, Novartis, Basel, Switzerland
Marc Flesch, Head of Genedata Profiler, Genedata, Munich, Germany

From Sequences to Insights: Genetic Characterization of Cell Lines Using NGS
Benjamin Lindner, Senior Data Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim, Biberach, Germany
2:30–3:00Leveraging Genedata Biologics in the Discovery and Characterization of TCRs for Adoptive Cell Therapy
Lisa Eisenberg, Senior Scientist Machine Learning, Immatics Biotechnologies, Tübingen, Germany

Efficient Analysis of Drug Combination in Oncology Therapeutic Discovery
Elodie Monceau, Associate Scientist, and Anthony Boisbouvier,  Business Analyst Pharmacology, Servier Research Institute, Saclay, France 

Peptide Mapping for the Masses: Rolling Out Data Processing to Less Experienced Users
Will Burkitt, Associate Director, UCB, Slough, United Kingdom
Expanding the Genedata Biopharma Platform with Self-Service Data Science
Andreas Biegert, Software Engineering Lead, Genedata, Munich, Germany
Genedata Selector 10 Roadmap: Path to Fully Automated NGS Assays with Playbooks
Ludwig Macko, Head of Genedata Selector Development, Genedata, Basel, Switzerland
3:00–3:30A Lean and Smart Approach for Setting Up an Antibody Development Platform
Gregory Mouret, USP Scientist, Ferring Biologics Innovation Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland
Genedata Screener 21 Further Accelerates Project Cycles and Elevates Output Quality
Matthias Fassler, Product Manager Genedata Screener, Genedata, Basel, Switzerland
Streamlining Data Analysis in LC-MS MAM Workflows
Patrick Merkle, Senior Expert, Novartis, Basel, Switzerland

Deciphering the Immune System's Complexity with Single-Cell and Spatial Analysis
Daniel Poeschl, Clinical Data Scientist, Genedata, Basel, Switzerland

NGS Implementation for Adventitious Virus Detection – from Investigation to Quality Control
Aurora Signorazzi, Scientist & Project Leader, Janssen, Leiden, The Netherlands
3:30–4:00Unifying Antibody Library Workflows Including NGS Analysis in Genedata Biologics
Nathalie George, Investigator, Novartis, Basel, Switzerland

A Window to the RNA Landscape: Optimizing Analysis of Gene Expression Assays at Axxam
Samuel Bradberry, Principal Scientist Data Science, Axxam, Milan, Italy

Genedata Expressionist at Biologics Research Center (BRC) Basel
Christian Hug & Emilie Muller, Heloise Hensinger & Thierry Besson, Novartis, Basel, Switzerland 
 The NGS Analysis Pipelines for Virus Detection in Biologics
Izabela Fabianska, Scientist Development Analytics, IDT Biologika, Dessau-Rosslau, Germany
4:15–5:30Demo and Poster Session
Meet the Experts – Check out our demos and view posters. Demos are approximately 5–10 minutes and will be repeated on demand throughout the session.
Breakout Sessions
Biologics & Bioprocess

Automation of Upstream Process Development in Genedata Bioprocess at Biotalys
Jolien Van Poucke, Technology Lead USP, Biotalys, Ghent, Belgium

Enabling the Validation of NGS-Based Characterization and Release Assays
Marcell Veidner, Business Account Manager, Genedata, Basel, Switzerland

6:00–6:30Roadmap Genedata Biologics & Genedata Bioprocess
Christoph Freiberg, Head of Science, Genedata, Basel, Switzerland
Guido Cappuccilli, Product Manager, Genedata, Basel, Switzerland
Panel Discussion: NGS in an Evolving Regulatory Landscape

Restaurant Kunsthalle, Steinenberg 7, 4051 Basel
Day 2 — Thursday, March 7, 2024
Plenary Session
8:00–8:45Welcome Coffee
Hyperion Hotel Basel, Messeplatz 12, Basel, Switzerland
8:45–9:00Opening Remarks 
Jana Hersch, Head of Corporate Scientific Engagement, Genedata, Boston, MA, USA
9:00–9:30Analytical Tools for Modern Integrated Drug Discovery
Jonathan Wingfield, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca, Cambridge, UK
9:30–10:00Automating MS-Based Bioanalytics Workflows with Genedata at Novartis 
Felix Stemmer, Senior Scientist II, and Martin Jockel, Senior Expert I Data Science, Novartis, Basel, Switzerland  
10:30–11:00AI-Based Digital Pathology Image Classification 
Sven-Eric Schelhorn, Associate Director Oncology Data Science, Merck, Darmstadt, Germany 
11:00–11:30GSK’s Biopharma Data Platform for End-to-End Data Science, Analytics, and Lab Automation Workflows
Thil Batuwangala, Director Data Sciences – Large Molecule Discovery, and Przemyslaw Stasica, Biopharma Discovery Data Designer, GSK, Stevenage, United Kingdom
11:30–12:00Discovery & Optimization of Biotherapeutics — towards Higher Throughput Peptide Mapping Using Mass Spectrometry 
Jennifer Kuehn, Lab Head Assays & Analytics, Sanofi, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 

Panel Discussion — Beyond Automation: How to Build a Corporate Culture of Data Quality
Jonathan Wingfield, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca, Cambridge, UK 
Mimi Zhou, Principal Scientist, Janssen, San Diego, CA, USA
Rik Rademaker, Director Cell and Molecular Sciences, Genmab, Utrecht, The Netherlands 
Thil Batuwangala, Director Data Sciences – Large Molecule Discovery, GSK, Stevenage, United Kingdom

Katja Kroll, Digital Biologics Platform Site Lead, Sanofi, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Hyperion Hotel Basel
Breakout Sessions
Biologics & Bioprocess
2:00–2:30AbbVie Digitalization Journey with Genedata
Sukru Kaymakcalan, Director of Information Research and Technology Solutions, AbbVie, Worcester, MA, USA

High Dimensional Analysis of Cell Paint Data in Genedata Screener
Sietske Bakker, Principal Scientist, Genmab, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Unraveling the Complete Picture of Disulfide Linkages in IgGs
Sipke Sangers, Principal Scientist Analytical Sciences Mass Spectrometry, Genmab, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2:30–3:00Our Journey Deploying Genedata Biologics at ADC Therapeutics
Christopher Gallagher, Associate Director, ADC Therapeutics, London, United Kingdom
Accelerating Time to Market through Digitalization of Automation Workflows
Sascha Fischer, Business Development Manager, Genedata, Switzerland
Investigation of In Vivo Biotransformations of Biotherapeutics in Mouse Plasma Using Intact and Middle-Down MS
Jonathan Dhenin, Senior Scientist Metabolism DMPK Research PlatformSanofi, Paris, France
3:30–4:00Integration of Genedata Bioprocess with CellCelector for Increasing Automation and Throughput in Sartorius’ CLD Platform
Markus Sanna, Manager Digital Data Excellence and IT Services, Sartorius, Ulm, Germany  
Novel Analysis Methodology Using Genedata Screener to Understand Neuronal Phenotypes on Multi-electrode Array (MEA)
Amy Brook, Associated Research Leader, Charles River Laboratories, Saffron Walden, United Kingdom 

Tailored MS Data Processing Workflows for Analyzing ADCs from Hit Discovery to Lead Optimization
Jason Tonillo, Scientist, Merck, Darmstadt, Germany

4:00–4:30Bispecific Antibodies at Light Chain Bioscience  from Discovery to Clinical Development
Walter Ferlin, CSO, Light Chain Bioscience, Geneva, Switzerland 

Towards an Integrated Platform for Chromatography Data Analysis and Management
Isabel Kolinko, Scientific Consultant, Genedata, Basel, Switzerland

Customized Activity Development for Routine Leachables Analysis: A Case Study in the Hyphenated & Special Technology Group at Roche
Nicolas Wernli, Technical Lead, and Covadonga Palacio Gutierrez, Scientist, Roche, Basel, Switzerland 
 End of Symposium

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Hyperion Hotel Basel
Messeplatz 12
4058 Basel
+41 61 560 40 00
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When utilizing public transportation, kindly disembark at the tram stop ‘Gewerbestrasse,’ which serves as the closest tram stop to the Hyperion Hotel. You can conveniently access this stop using trams 1, 2, 6, 14, or 21.


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