High-throughput Screening, Design, Production, and Evaluation of Bispecific Antibodies

April 8, 2019

Presented at PEGS, Boston, MA, USA

Work on bispecific antibodies has exploded and more sophisticated engineering approaches are now used. Concurrently, increasing numbers of bispecific platforms (e.g., tandem-scFv-Fc, DVD-Ig, diabodies) and parametric variants (e.g., linkers, V-domain orientation, Fc) must be tested. We present latest advances in our workflow platform for in-format screening (e.g., fully automated molecule design, DNA synthesis, and verification) and platform-specific expression processes (e.g., post production exchange reactions). Integrated into a comprehensive data management system for samples, assays, and analytics results, the platform enables systematic evaluation of large panels of next-generation antibodies.

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