A Software System for Production Strain Sequence Management and Analysis

August 3, 2017

Presented at the SIMB Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, USA

With the decreased cost of next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, full genome sequencing of production strains and derivatives has become routine. The management and analysis of strain sequence, variant, and expression data is challenging due to a lack of integrated computational solutions that support workflows from raw next generation sequencing data to biological insight.

As a comprehensive and scalable genome knowledge management suite, Genedata Selector directly addresses the challenge of NGS data analysis and management. The system offers an end-to-end workflow that combines NGS analysis algorithms, interactive visualization, and powerful statistical tools with an integrated database.

Complex data sets from NGS derived whole genome and transcriptome sequencing of microbial production strains can be analyzed and integrated in Genedata Selector. Once analyzed and stored in Genedata Selector, the data can be used as a collaborative resource for microbial strain engineering and optimization across an organization.

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